Why is constructivist psychotherapy worth trying?

Constructivism is an approach to the world and human beings which respects each person’s individual construction of reality. We construe our reality and its meaning on the basis of our experiences and personal story.

Therefore, in constructivist therapies we believe that people do not have to be prisoners of their own biographies and can change their lives successfully.

Difficulties such as anxiety, depression, obsessions or panic attacks are our natural, meaningful responses to life’s challenges. Psychotherapy helps to understand where they come from and to change the underlying constructions so that the reactions and symptoms that make us suffer cease to exist.

To construe means to organize and give structure. Constructivist therapy is seen as a reconstruction of the personal meaning given to our personal experience.

I will work with you in order to find the best way to achieve your goals, so that you can once more be happy and able to make a stand against life’s challenges. Thus, the therapeutic relationship is essential to me – it is based on trust, safety and active collaboration.

The family of constructivist psychotherapies consists of approaches which share the aforementioned views. In my practice I integrate a few of them to reach the highest possible effectiveness of therapy.

The approach I use the most is Coherence Therapy – an experiential method based on constructivist clinical practice and memory reconsolidation process. Coherence Therapy makes it possible to retrieve and transform the clients’ unconscious emotional schemas so that the symptoms of suffering cease to occur and personal growth becomes possible. Other approaches that I integrate in my work are Personal Construct Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Brief Strategic Therapy and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.

How I help

  • Psychotherapy

    You are welcome to attend individual psychotherapy in English, Polish, Spanish or Swedish. We will work together in a safe therapeutic relationship so that you can deal with a wide range of problems and achieve a transformational, lasting change.
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  • Training

    I present and teach Coherence Therapy and memory reconsolidation process in Europe and online. I offer workshops, webinars, supervision and personal therapy for mental health professionals.
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  • Psychedelic integration

    Psychedelic experiences can be both beautiful and difficult. Getting professional help in integrating them can contribute to maximizing their benefits and dealing with potential adverse effects.
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