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Teaching psychotherapy and sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow professionals and students is my second passion, next to my therapeutic practice. I am a certified trainer and research associate at the Coherence Psychology Institute. Since 2013 I have presented and taught Coherence Therapy at conferences, workshops and as part of the undergraduate psychology program at the SWPS University in Poland. Teaching Coherence Therapy also involves the dissemination of the fascinating knowledge about memory reconsolidation process – brain’s innate mechanism of transformational change that we observe in Coherence Therapy and some other experiential approaches.

Within my training activity, I organize workshops in Coherence Therapy on behalf of the Coherence Psychology Institute. I teach mostly in Poland and Spain, as well as online. Organizing a workshop in other locations is possible on demand.

Moreover, I offer supervision and personal therapy for those who are in the process of learning Coherence Therapy.

If you or your institution are interested in participating in professional training or organizing a workshop, webinar or conference presentation on Coherence Therapy and memory reconsolidation, you may contact me directly or get in touch with the Coherence Psychology Institute.

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