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Psychedelic integration

In recent years, the research of psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has developed enormously. We have learned more and more about the potential of these substances in the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, obsessions, addictions, eating disorders and other psychological problems.

The natural desire for growth and healing contributes to the increasing interest in using psychedelics in a variety of settings. These experiences can often become a steppingstone for transformation of deeply rooted emotional schemas, but for that to happen, integrating them in our daily life and giving them a meaning is essential. Otherwise, they may become just a colorful (or not so colorful…) memory.

While I do not support any use of illegal substances, I understand people’s interest and desire to help themselves using psychedelics. Therefore, I offer safe, non-judgmental, empathetic support in understanding and integrating these experiences, as well as in attending to their possible adverse effects.

Constructivist psychotherapy offers an ideal framework for psychedelic integration as it is focused on the (re)construction of the subjective meaning of our experiences. Additionally, my main therapeutic approach – Coherence Therapy – consists of stages of discovery, integration and transformation, this way providing a perfect roadmap for understanding the psychedelic experience and making the best out of it in our way towards transformation.

In order to combine my therapeutic experience with my interest in psychedelic science I received training in psychedelic integration at the Hermanosis Association, Europe’s leading organization working with traditional Amazonian plant medicine. This way I became a psychedelic integration therapist at Hermanosis which has been a wonderful and deeply fulfilling experience for me.

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