Why is constructivist psychotherapy worth trying?

Constructivism is an approach to the world and human being which respects each person´s individual construction of reality. We construe our reality and its meaning on the base of our own experiences and personal story.

Therefore, in constructivist therapies we believe that people do not have to be prisoners of their own biographies and can change their lives successfully.
Difficulties such as anxiety, depression, obsessions or panic attacks are our natural responses to life’s challenges. Psychotherapy helps to understand where they come from and change the underlying constructions so that these reactions no longer exist.

To construe means to organize and give structure. Constructivist therapy is seen as reconstruction of the meaning given to our personal experience.
I will work with you in order to find the best way to achieve your goals, so that you can be again happy and able to make a stand against life’s challenges. Thus, the therapeutic relationship is essential to me – it is based on trust, safety and active collaboration.

The family of constructivist psychotherapies consists of approaches which share the above mentioned views.
In my practice I integrate a few of them so as to reach the highest possible effectiveness of therapy. The approaches I use are especially Coherence Therapy, Personal Constructs Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy and systemic approaches.


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